Wake up to a world of possibilities. A world where the day is yours, everything is brighter and anything can happen. It’s time to awaken your best, savour your potential and start something great.

And it all begins with breakfast.

When you start with a nutritious breakfast, you’re refuelling your body and brain, kick-starting your metabolism and getting energy you need to embrace the morning.

Yet while many of us recognise the importance of breakfast and look for ways to make time for it in our daily routines, the realities of a hectic morning make it difficult to fit the meal in every day.

By skipping breakfast, even occasionally, we miss out on important nutrients that adults, and especially children, do not make up for later in the day.1,2,3,4 Vitamins, minerals and fibre that are important for a well-balanced diet.

But even beyond nutrition, a recent study shows a positive link for children between breakfast and better academic performance.5 Ensuring a balanced start in the morning better prepares all of us to start the day strong.

That’s the power of breakfast.


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