Aussie Drought impacts our prices

With the cost of Aussie grown grains increasing due to the drought, we’ve made the tough choice to increase our prices.

Without Aussie farmers, there’d be something missing from our Aussie-made cereals


For over 90 years we have been buying Aussie grown grains – including wheat, corn, oats and rice - to make the cereal so many of you know and love.


In order to make most of our great tasting cereals in Botany, New South Wales, farmers from all over Australia have supplied us with high-quality Aussie grains.


Due to the unprecedented drought conditions, the cost of these core ingredients like corn, wheat, oats and rice has increased significantly.


We’ve worked hard across the business to drive efficiencies and find opportunities to absorb as much of the increase as possible – including our recent announcement to invest in the Beryl Solar farm for our energy needs – but unfortunately we’ve not be able to offset all of the increased costs.


As a result, we’ve made the tough decision to increase the list price for our cereals.


We know Aussie consumers are also feeling the pinch – so this is not a decision we have taken lightly.


We’ve been buying Aussie grains since we first opened our factory doors in Australia over 90 years ago, and even when droughts make crops scarce and prices increase, we will always do everything we can to buy locally and support Australian farmers – because without them, Kellogg’s just isn’t Kellogg’s.