Five Afternoon Snack Solutions

Light up their afternoons with these quick and on-the-go afternoon snack ideas.

Afternoons are a crazy and busy time in any family household. These after school snack ideas for kids are fun and creative and will get the whole family excited.


1. Drink up your snack

Afternoon snacks for kids can be drinks too! Juices and smoothies can make for a great afternoon snack especially during Summer or after sport. For a smoothie sure to bring a smile to any child’s face, our LCMs® Bear Smoothie recipe combines different healthy fruits and seeds with your child’s favourite LCMs® bar for a fun and creative afternoon snack.


2. Go for a theme

Christmas and Halloween are just two of many seasonal days that school kids get excited about. Creating themed snacks for kids can be an easy and fun affair. We have recipe inspirations with our LCMs® Halloween Pumpkins or LCMs® Raspberry Tarts which will bring excitement to those special afternoons. Visit our School Lunch Box Ideas page for more themed inspiration.


3. On-the-go

A great afternoon snack idea is something that is portable and can be enjoyed on the run. After school, kids are often playing in the yard or more often than not, running off to sport. LCMs bars make the perfect portable snack on-the-go. Or if you’re feeling creative, these Choc Mallow Footy Balls or Trail Mix are a fun and creative snack that will give your kid a wonderful surprise as they head to their sport training.


4. Inspired food

Getting your kids involved in creating their very own afternoon snack will not only keep them entertained, but will help them get experimenting in the kitchen and be more likely to gobble up their own creations. Taking inspiration from their environment can help foster kids’ creativity. This LCMs® Ladybirds recipe is a great way for kids to bring to life the creatures they see in their very own backyard.


5. Prepare for the next day

Getting kids involved in their meal preparation has a number of benefits. During the post-school routine, you can kill two birds with one stone. Creating snacks that not only are delicious at afternoon time, but that can be popped in the fridge and stored for their lunch box the next day is a double win. Our LCMs® Sushi recipe is the perfect afternoon snack or bento lunch box inclusion. See here for more School Lunch Box Ideas.