Kellogg's® & Sydney University launch on campus cereal lab


Create your own perfect bowl

Kellogg’s and University of Sydney Union has introduced a Cereal Lab, a customised cereal café in the heart of University of Sydney where students, staff and visitors can invent and create their own cereal bowls or soft serves made with our cereals.

The café includes a range of Kellogg’s cereals exclusively offered in the Cereal Lab, and features some of our heritage brands with a funky vintage packaging fit out. Customers can create their own perfect bowls – think healthy options like Special K® with yoghurt and freeze-dried raspberries or treat yourself with Coco Pops® with peanut butter and ice cream.


Breakfast on-the-go

The Cereal Lab was developed in partnership with the University of Sydney Union (USU) as a way for us to provide students with breakfast bowls on the go, enable us to experiment with new innovations and of course, show just how versatile cereal can be.

Students can get creative and customise their cereal bowls in their own way and at any time of day!

The Cereal Lab is open from 7.30 am – 5.00 pm daily, on Science Road at Sydney University 5 days a week, year-round in 2020.