School Lunch Box Ideas

7 top lunch box ideas that will light up their faces

As any parent would know – painstakingly packing kids lunch boxes just to see it return uneaten feels like Groundhog Day. Getting your kids involved and knowing they’re excited by what’s in their lunch box each day will help fight this battle. Check out these easy lunch recipe ideas below.


1. The chat

Sit your kids down and explain why you’re getting them involved. Give them guidelines and instructions of what should (and shouldn’t) be included in their lunch box to help set expectations for school lunch. Working lunch-box-making time into their daily or weekly routine will help set expectations and get them excited for regular creativity time.


2. Let them own it

Kids love getting involved in any activity when it’s all about them. Plus, who can resist a dress up? Special aprons, colourful chopping boards, plastic cutlery sets and their very own chef’s hat may help bring out the mini chef in your child. This will also give them a sense of ownership and buy-in for the routine ‘lunch box preparation’ time.


3. Go with a theme

A theme can be a really exciting way to get kids engaged – especially if you can get them involved in the recipe creating! Bento lunch boxes are all the craze. They help keep food fresh and can be extra fun when you’re feeling creative. These fun LCMs® Sushi are a perfect visual match for your kids’ bento lunch box. Made simply with LCMs® and healthy fruit and yoghurt, they complete the bento theme perfectly. Get creative with LCMs® Split Stix® Chocolatey bars, LCMs® Split Stix® Yoghurty bars or any of the LCMs® bar range.


4. Make the most of the season

On special days, ramp up the lunch box theming to get your kids extra excited to share their lunch box recipe creations. Christmas, Easter and Halloween and just some of the occasions your kids will appreciate having something to show off. For Halloween, edible eyes on any bit of fruit and spider legs will go a long way, but if you want to go next level, why not create this LCMs® Halloween Pumpkins using LCMs® Split Stix® Yoghurty bars.


5. Teach kids to love leftovers

Using leftovers will not only teach your kids about the importance of not throwing away food, it can help get variety into their lunch box. Compared with a sandwich, leftover pasta, or some deliciously healthy home-cooked chicken with some sauce on the side will make for a delicious lunch box addition. Afternoon snacks made the day before can make the perfect lunchbox addition. See here for Five Afternoon Snack Solutions perfect for next day’s bento lunchbox.


6. Cut it out

An oldie but a goodie – cutting out food in creative shapes still makes for an exciting lunch box reveal. For snack ideas for kids, creating something fun and chocolatey such as a cut-up LCMs® Coco Pops® Cookies & Cream or a LCMs® Coco Pops® bar will make for a delicious treat.


7. Getting chilly

Creating delicious snacks with things from the freezer can be an extra fun lunch box discovery for your child. Freezer snacks are common for afternoons at home (see our Five Afternoon Snack Solutions), but don’t discount the lunch box freezer snack either. It’s a fantastic way to prepare ahead and keep things cold until recess or lunch. Savoury lunch box items such as frittata can defrost slowly or for a fun snack, try freezing then slowly defrosting these LCMs Raspberry Tarts made with LCMs® Split Stix® Chocolatey bars