Making Changes to Our Food

How are we innovating moving forward?

Over the last 15 years, we’ve been on a huge journey with our food, but much of this great work has been done behind the scenes.

We have really accelerated momentum and our focus on fibre, gut health, protein, as well as sugar and salt reduction and removal of artificial colours and flavours in our cereal. We have undertaken major renovations of our most popular cereals, such as Nutri-Grain and Coco Pops, to reduce sugar and salt and add more of the good like fibre, while retaining the great taste people love.

The Kellogg portfolio transformation

  • Over two-thirds of our cereals are over 3.5 Health Stars.

  • Of all the projects we’ve invested in the last 15 years, approximately 75% of them have been focused on launching or renovating our foods to make them better for you.

  • Out of a portfolio of 55 cereals, over half have 2 or less teaspoons of sugar per bowl.

  • Through our renovation work, we have removed more than 700 tonnes of sugar and 300 tonnes of salt from Aussie and Kiwi diets – that’s the equivalent to the weight of around seven blue whales! Today, our breakfast foods have half the salt that they had in 1997.

  • It took us 10 years to complete two renovations on Nutri-Grain. In total, we have removed 1/4 of the sugar and 1/4 of the sodium from the original Nutri-Grain recipe. We also have a 25% less sugar Nutri-Grain cereal.

  • In the last 15 years, 103 new products have been introduced across our breakfast portfolio as part of our focus on offering consumers greater choice.

  • We have removed all industrial trans-fat from our foods.

  • We are continuing to focus on better for you breakfast whilst bringing you the delicious taste you expect from Kellogg’s.