On the 16th October each year, marks World Food Day, an initiative that’s working towards achieving Zero Hunger worldwide. World Food Day is not only about addressing hunger, but also nourishing people and our planet – key values that are ingrained in everything we do.

People often think of food insecurity as an issue that only affects those in developing markets, but according to Food Bank, around 4 million Australian’s have experienced food insecurity in 2018 - many of who are categorised as having little to no access to food.

It’s devastating to think that in an economy like ours, people are still struggling, and it seems things are getting harder and harder for many individuals and families, especially in rural and regional areas.

So, what are we doing in Australia to help tackle this complex issue of food security that spans hunger, food waste and the depletion of our natural resources?


To help combat food insecurity, we’ve recently launched a new partnership with Yume Food – an innovative online marketplace that sells surplus food. As the first Australian manufacturer to partner with Yume, this provides us with another way to continue tackling the issue of food insecurity, and make sure that no food or ingredients we buy go to waste.

There are many ways we minimise food waste. We’re doing this through our processes, to reduce the risk of surplus stock and ingredients, through to donating finished foods that are nearing their best before dates, but still good to eat, to people in need through our charity partners. Having access to this new platform will make it easier for others to get access to any excess ingredients we may have from time to time, and re-use these for other foods.


Recently, we were featured on Nine Network’s TV show ‘Destination Happiness’ in a segment called ‘Random Act of Kindness’, where we were given the opportunity to donate a substantial amount of cereal and snacks to a school in need, in Victoria, to support their school breakfast club and after school activity programmes.

Families of the children who go to this school are under a lot of pressure and many face financial challenges. Under these circumstances, some of the children arrive at school having not had enough breakfast or, in some cases, none at all – something no child or adult should experience.

We’re really proud of the work we do through our Breakfast Buddies program and the positive impact that this is having on children around Australia and Zealand.

Our commitment to our Breakfast Buddies across ANZ has spanned two decades and seen us donate over 60 million serves of cereal. Feeding people in need has and will always be a priority for us - a company value set by our Founder WK Kellogg over 100 years ago. It will always be part of our DNA.

To commemorate World Food Day, we’re excited to share this video segment, and love the way that the Principal of the school, Kathleen Nardi, sums it up with the school’s commitment to helping every child ‘start the day with no worries, so they’re able to do their best’. The cheers and smiles from the kids is the best result we could ever ask for.

To learn more about Kellogg’s Better Days™ commitments, click here.