Learn how to recycle our plastic cereal box liners

DID YOU KNOW: 7500 plastic bags go to landfill in this country every minute.

It can take up to 650 YEARS for soft plastics to start breaking down, causing devastation for both wildlife and the environment.

REDcycle, a supermarket based recycling initiative that enables you to recycle your soft plastics, was started by Elizabeth Kasell in 2010.

The programme means that you can take all of your soft plastics, from shopping bags to cereal box liners, to your local Coles or Woolworths to be transformed into benches and decking, which are then used by City Councils for public spaces such as parks and playgrounds.

Kellogg’s joined as founding partner in 2010, and now more than a million plastic bags and pieces of soft plastic packaging are collected from the REDcycle drop-off bins at Coles and Woolworths every week.

“When I started this program I was in a completely different field,” says Kasell. “I was working full time and had a toddler at the time. It really bothered me that 7,500 plastic bags go to landfill in this country every minute. I didn’t want my child to inherit our waste.”

“It’s a great use for the material,” says Kasell. “Not only is it being diverted from landfill, it’s being turned into something valuable.

Today there are more than 630 REDcycle program drop off points in Australia.

Find your nearest REDcycle center using the store locator here