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National Diabetes Week

Diabetes is often referred to as the invisible condition because one in two people with diabetes don’t even know they have it-it’s a pretty troubling thought!


So how can we make a difference as a food company?







Rocking with Dietitian Connection at Dietitians Day 2017

Here we go. Alarm clock set at 4 am on a Friday. Plane scheduled for 6 am, I am off to Melbourne for Dietitians Day organised by Dietitian Connection. I forgot how chilly Melbourne can be in the morning, luckily I survived the early morning chill and arrived just in time for the first presentation kick off.







An afternoon with Giulia Enders

As most of you know, our team have made a commitment to make 2017 all about taking care and nurturing our gut. So, with this in mind, we attended the ‘All About Women’ festival at Sydney Opera House to listen to gut expert and author of the international bestselling book, GUT, Giulia Enders.


For those of you who may not know her, Giulia is an up and coming microbiologist who has just completed her Ph.D. at the Institute for Medical Microbiology in Frankfurt, Germany, and two-time scholarship winner of the Wilhelm Und Else Heraeus Foundation.







2017 – The Year to Love Your Tummy!

We’re all back on board and it’s nice to have a full team raring to go.


After a holiday season of eating ourselves silly, although we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we have been left feeling bloated, uncomfortable and if we are honest- a little guilty. As a result our team has made a commitment to make 2017 all about taking care and nurturing our guts with the right foods and nutrients. Look out for our Instagram posts as we challenge Muriel to come up with gorgeous gut friendly delights.







Be Natural relaunches with new food and a new look

It’s been a busy few months for us, and October saw the re-launch of the Be Natural range at Royal Botanic Gardens Restaurant in Sydney. We invited some of our health professional friends to attend the day for an exclusive first taste of the Be Natural range including the Coco Nutty Granola designed to be eaten with coconut water.







Welcome to our exploration of the world’s Blue Zones

What is a Blue Zone you may ask? Well sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey throughout the five regions of the world that experts have identified as Blue Zones, Ikaria - Greece, Okinawa – Japan, Sardinia – Italy, Nicoya Peninsula – Costa Rica and a seventh day Adventist community in Loma Linda, California.







Veggies with cereal: it’s a thing!

We got particularly excited last week about the breakfast data being released by a new Galaxy Research study. It was a feast for our nerdy nutrition brains to say the least. Can you believe that breakfast is the most shared meal occasion in the social sphere? You heard correctly, over half a million Australians are posting photos of their breakfast bowls to social media every day.







Can GPs help us to address declining grain and fibre intake?

It’s pretty disturbing to us that Australians are consuming fewer grain foods and only one in two people are consuming enough fibre. Plus with the new finding that most people are not meeting their whole grain daily requirements, it’s evident that we need more education to encourage people to eat more of the right kinds of fibre.







How my love for carbs was reinforced at the DAA 2016 Conference in Melbourne







How much added sugar comes from breakfast cereals?

If you haven’t heard about the “added” or “free” sugar intake of the nation by now, it’s worth checking out. The ABS released these figures for Australia at the end of April and they were telling.







Report from The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Ending Childhood Obestity

A recent report developed by The Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity in conjunction with The World Health Organisation (WHO) has provided a number of recommendations for the food industry.







Are you getting the benefits of grains?

Michelle Broome, General Manager, Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council (GLNC), pens her insights into the benefits of grains and how grain consumption in Australia is declining.








Welcome to our first blog. We are thrilled to be able to put our thoughts down and introduce you to our new and improved hub which we designed specifically for health professionals.