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Veggies with cereal: it’s a thing!


We got particularly excited last week about the breakfast data being released by a new Galaxy Research study. It was a feast for our nerdy nutrition brains to say the least.  Can you believe that breakfast is the most shared meal occasion in the social sphere? You heard correctly, over half a million Australians are posting photos of their breakfast bowls to social media every day.


The study has highlighted to our team just how creative people can be when it comes to their breakfast bowls! Over half a million Australians already add vegetables to their breakfast and almost a million add herbs and spices. Makes me realise I need to unleash my inner creativity at breakfast time, I need to lift my game!


What didn’t surprise us was that Aussies were looking to breakfast for all the right reasons: to keep them full, to improve their gut health and for nutritional benefits. Excellent, so we’ve got that covered with our cereal range – something to suit everyone.


As leaders in breakfast we’re very invested in giving Aussies the right start to their day. That’s why we want to work with health professionals, like you, to get the message about the importance of fibre in diets as well as keeping them balanced. Getting people to love breakfast and embrace their joy of eating is what we are particularly passionate about.


Please share your favourite brekkie pics with us on Instagram and tag us @kelloggsnutritionanz. We would love to see all of your creations, I know that I’m personally making it my mission to try veggies on cereal. I will be posting that one, for sure!