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Be Natural relaunches with new food and a new look


It’s been a busy few months for us, and October saw the re-launch of the Be Natural range at Royal Botanic Gardens Restaurant in Sydney. We invited some of our health professional friends to attend the day for an exclusive first taste of the Be Natural range including the Coco Nutty Granola designed to be eaten with coconut water.


Plants are the foundation of Be Natural’s food philosophy, and the brand is all about championing healthier lifestyles through nutritious, uplifting, plant based foods. Their mission is to harness the power of plants and takes inspiration from the five diverse Blue Zones of our planet. Blue Zones are small pockets of the world where people live the longest. Surprise, surprise, a plant based diet is common amongst all of them.


As part of the event we enlisted Associate Professor Tim Crowe, Australia’s leading Blue Zone Expert to provide the science behind Blue Zones and a plant based diet. He defined the characteristics of the Blue Zones and also presented a variety of scientific studies which supported the benefits of a plant based diet. You may have seen his summary in a previous blog. If not we have prepared a video of his talk.


 Attendees were encouraged to discuss their patient challenges in their own work, and how they could incorporate Blue Zone messaging into their everyday practice.


Tim also revealed the two areas ‘most likely’ to be on their way to Blue Zone status in Australia based on what we know from post code data for obesity, physical activity and eating patterns. - The Eastern Suburbs of Sydney ranked number one, with Inner City Melbourne coming in a very close second.


To fully immerse attendees in the Blue Zone experience, the event itself featured a ‘Blue Zone Marketplace’- a sensory tour of the five Blue Zone regions of the world. It was a beautifully styled fabulous day.


Take a look at the gallery and videos here.

Happy November