Baked Delicious

K-Time® Baked Twists have been the family favourite - the quick snack for people on the go. Now introducing more fun additions to the K-Time family that’s perfect for morning tea or an afternoon snack:

- Soft Baked Bites - Oven baked for a soft texture with a delectable filling - available in Strawberry flavour or Apple flavour.

- Bakery Favourites - bringing you the bakery flavours you love in a delicious on the go snack! Available as Twists or Pockets in a variety of flavours. Try new Apple and Cinnamon Scroll Flavour Pockets or Vanilla Passionfruit Slice Flavour Pockets.

All our delicious K-Time bars contain a delicious source of fibre that can be enjoyed by the whole family, whether in the lunchbox, bag or on the go.

Kellogg’s® K-time bars strawberry blueberry

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