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Kellogg’s Just Right cereal slogan

Just Right is one cereal that lives up to its name.

It has just the right amount of crunchy whole wheat flakes, delicious apricot pieces, sultanas and whole oats. It has just the right amount of flake crunch and fruity softness and it has just the right balance of fibre, whole grain and essential vitamins and minerals. And in the words of Goldilocks: it’s not too heavy not too light. It’s Just Right.

Kellogg’s® Just Right® cereal grapes apricots

Suggestions if we may

Natural yoghurt will bring out the flavour of the apricots and sultanas and add protein and calcium to our Just Right®, plus some fresh fruit would round out the bowl for a nutrition boost.

If you are up for trying something new, have a go at making some Baked Eggs and Just Right Cous Cous…seriously delicious