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Kellogg’s® Crispix cereal slogan

Pillows of crispiness

Just when we thought we had run out of ideas for things to do with corn, we came up with the idea of turning corn kernels into little golden pillows. And as if we weren’t happy enough, we worked out that if we gave these pillows a lattice shape, they became extra crispy. Hence the name Crispix®

Kellogg’s® Crispix cereal

Added magic

We added honey to our corn pillows to give you extra yumminess. These unique crunchy pillows are the stuff of magic moments. Enjoy with ice cold milk or as a crispy delicious snack.

Like many of our products, Crispix® is the perfect addition to recipes. Try our Crispix® sweet n salty savoury trail mix recipe. Perfect for movie nights or snack on the go.