For over 100 years now, Kellogg’s has played an important role, not only at the breakfast table, but also as a pop culture icon. Whether it’s travelling all the way to space or innovating new tastes, we’ve had quite the eventful history. Here are 5 facts about us we bet you didn’t know:

01. Trophy Worthy Corn

At Kellogg we pride ourselves on using the best ingredients in our food. In 1910 we awarded a $1,000 trophy (made by Tiffany and Company and worth $24,000 in today’s dollars*) for the best ear of corn grown in the United States that year. More than 1,000 ears of corn, representing all 50 states, were submitted with a prized ear from Indiana claiming victory.  The grower of the winning ear, Fred C. Palin, never had a doubt

as he was quoted in the local paper saying, “When I left for Omaha to exhibit the ear…I showed it to the station agent with the words, ‘That’s the ear I’m going to win the $1,000 trophy with.’

Seven Letters
There are seven letters in the work Kellogg

Seventh Child
His father, John P. Kellogg, was his father’s seventh child

His father was born in the year 1807

02. Lucky Number 7

W.K. Kellogg was proponent of nutrition nearly a century before eating healthy became and the importance of breakfast became mainstream. Like a lot of people, he also thought that the number 7 was lucky. In a 1932 letter to his grandson, he pointed out several ways in which the number 7 was lucky in his own life. He explained:

Seventh Son
Mr. Kellogg was his father’s seventh son

Seventh Day of the Week
He was born on the seventh day of the week

Seventh Day of the Month
He was born on the seventh day of the month

Seven Grandsons
Mr. Kellogg had seven grandsons

03. America’s Vote

In 1952, Tony the Tiger was joined on grocery store shelves by a few other animal friends - Katy the Kangaroo, Elmo the Elephant and Newt the Gnu. Soon after their introduction, a contest was held to determine who would be the sole face of Frosted Flakes - Katy or Tony. Tony won by popular demand and has served as the mascot ever since. While his look has changed through the years, one thing has remained constant - his red bandana

04. Mission to the Moon

When Apollo 11 blasted off in 1969, it carried Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. But, not many people know that Kellogg’s also made the trip. To help ensure the astronauts had a delicious breakfast for their 11 days in space, Kellogg’s provided the crew with Frosted Flakes and fruit-flavoured Corn Flakes cereal cubes.