LCMs® Raspberry Tarts

LCMs® Raspberry Tarts

Want to surprise your kids with a yummy, special treat after school? Look no further; these chocolatey, raspberry tart creations will easily put a smile on their face. They are quick and easy to make and take less than five minutes! The tarts are also perfect for birthday parties and other events.




1. To create these magnificent tarts, take the LCMs bar flavour of your choice and slice off the base.
2. Gently shape them into a tart shell using either your hands, or the back of a small bowl.
3. Fill each tart shell with a teaspoon of yoghurt.
4. Lastly, top with a piece of fruit such as a raspberry.

Feel free to switch out the raspberry as the topping for another fruit variety. Blueberries can be used or whatever fruit your kids love best. Want other fun recipes using LCMs bars? Check out the recipes below.

Recipe courtesy @fatmumslim