What is the Health Star Rating?

The Health Star Rating (HSR) is an easy way to compare the nutritional profile of packaged foods so you can make informed choices when shopping. It can help you to choose healthier options by looking at the number of stars on a product.

Health Star Ratings range from half a star up to five stars - the more stars, the healthier the choice. Together with other important nutritional information on Kellogg’s packs like nutrients per serve and % daily intake, the Health Star Rating is another way for you to make better choices for you and your family.

Kellogg’s is committed to providing our consumers with comprehensive and accurate nutrition information on all our cereal products. The first Kellogg’s cereal packs to carry the Health Star Rating will be in store from June with all cereals updated by the end of 2015.

For the Health Star Ratings of our cereal products, click here.

For the Health Star Ratings of our snack products, click here.

How is the Health Star Rating Calculated?

The Health Star Rating is calculated using an equation which takes into account the energy, saturated fat, sugar and sodium contents of the product and balances that against the positives of protein and fibre content. Other positive attributes like the fruit, vegetable, nut, seed and legume content are also considered as positives. Products with more stars will generally be foods with more protein and fibre and less energy, saturated fat, sugar and salt.

What are the numbers next to the Health Star Rating?

In addition to the star rating, manufacturers have the option of providing more nutritional information in the form of nutrients and energy per 100g. Adjacent to the star rating on Kellogg’s packs you will find five icons which display the energy, saturated fat, sugar and sodium per 100g of the product plus one positive nutrient such as protein, fibre or a vitamin/mineral.

It is important to remember that this information is provided per 100g of the product and does not reflect what is found in one serving. Nutrients in a serving of the product can still be found in the Nutrition Information Panel, together with the % Daily Intake.

When a package contains only one serving, the additional information adjacent to the Health Star Rating will be provided per serve.

How can the Health Star Rating help me to follow a balanced diet?

The Health Star Rating can help you to make informed choices about a packaged food’s nutritional qualities when out shopping in the supermarket. Together with the Nutrition Information Panel and the % Daily Intakes, the HSR can provide you with the information you need when looking for balanced choices for you or your family. For information about how to read the % Daily Intake visit www.kellogg.com.au/ DI-calculator/about-daily-intakes.html

Who developed the Health Star Rating?

The Health Star Rating system is a government-led initiative and was developed in consultation with industry and consumer groups. You can find more information about health stars from the government website www.healthstarrating.gov.au

The Health Star Rating is a voluntary initiative. It is up to each food manufacturer whether they choose to put a Health Star Rating onto their products.


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