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Love Your Cereal

Enjoy Breakfast at its Best

What if there was a food that could turn good into great?

There is. It's cereal.

Cereal is more than just a convenient option for you and your family. When you enjoy a bowl of cereal with milk as part of a balanced breakfast, you start the day with energy from carbohydrates and protein, and consume valuable vitamins and minerals you might otherwise miss. Plus cereal can also help supply your family with the fibre they need to make each day great.

Fibre & Wholegrains

We hear a lot about the health benefits of wholegrains, but it’s important not to overlook the important role fibre plays.

That’s because studies show that many health benefits of eating foods made with wholegrains come from the fibre content. Yet the fibre content of wholegrains differs significantly – ‘wholegrain’ doesn’t always mean ‘high fibre’.

Why is that important? Because while there is strong evidence that diets higher in fibre contribute to overall health 1,2,3,4 many Australian adults and children don’t get the fibre they need 5,6.

The Right Start to the Day

You’ve heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s because as we “break the fast” of eight to 12 hours without eating, our bodies and brains need to refuel.

A balanced breakfast helps prepare you for your day. It’s a simple way to make a difference to your overall health and get the most out of every moment.

Cereal: Wholesome, Convenient, Affordable

Mornings can be hectic. You try to provide your kids with the best start to their day, but in reality, just getting them to eat can be a challenge.

By offering a variety of Kellogg’s cereals as part of a balanced breakfast, you have a fun and easy way to give kids the nutrition they need, without putting a strain on your budget. In fact, for around 80 cents a bowl (including milk) 1, you can give your kids a nutritious breakfast of Kellogg’s cereal with milk 2.

Better still, cereal keeps things simple. It’s quick to prepare and can be eaten on the go making it the preferred breakfast for many families.

A Nutritious Way To Greet the Morning

As a typically nutritious food, cereal with milk accounts for around 6% of total daily energy intake in Australian adults 1 and 10% in children*2 while it supplies important nutrition to people of all life stages.

With cereal, children can get valuable nutrients they might otherwise miss. Cereal can help women of childbearing age get necessary iron, calcium, fibre and folate. Plus cereal can help elderly people receive essential nutrients with around 600 kilojoules – which are important, as energy (kilojoule) needs decline but nutrient needs do not.

So when you begin the day with cereal as a part of your balanced breakfast, you get a delicious, wholesome way to start your morning and a great way to help you make the most of each day.

More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

Start Each Morning Right

When you start with a great breakfast, great things can happen. See how a morning spent with cereal can help prepare you for the day to come.

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See what mums have to say about the benefits of breakfast.

"Breakfast at our place is pretty simple: the kids now get their own while I rush around and make school lunches. There is usually cereal and toast on offer. What I look for in cereal is high fibre. Sultana Bran is one of our favourite Kellogg’s cereals."

– Kelly, Be a Fun Mum

More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

Get the Whole-Grain Truth

Did you know that wholegrains vary in their dietary fibre content? And that some foods made with wholegrains contain little fibre? 7

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See what mums have to say about the benefits of breakfast.

Breakfast is essential in our house. I’d rather get the kids to school/kindy late and have them actually eat breakfast than send them to school without something in their tummy. Learning and empty tummies just do not go together.”

– Tatum, From Somewhere in My Imagination

More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

Great Begins With Breakfast

When you greet each morning with a balanced breakfast, you get nutrients and energy you need to help start the day right.

Discover more benefits of a cereal breakfast.

See what mums have to say about the benefits of breakfast.

I am not a nutritionist but fully agree that having breakfast does set you up for the day. Children especially need to have breakfast to keep them going until they have their mid morning snack at recess.”

– Nathalie, Easy Peasy Kids

More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

The Goodness of Grains

With important vitamins and minerals, breakfast cereals help to supply the body and mind with the fuel needed to take on the morning.

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See what mums have to say about the benefits of breakfast.

Sitting down for breakfast really isn’t going to make a huge difference to our schedule but it will make a huge difference to my day and how I’m performing as a mum.”

— Danielle, Hello Owl

More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

Cereal & Milk - The Perfect Pair

Cereal helps incorporate milk into a child’s daily routine. Children who eat breakfast cereals consume, on average, twice as much milk as those children who don’t2

Learn more about the benefits of cereal with milk.

See what mums have to say about the benefits of cereal at breakfast.

I never, ever let the kids skip breakfast. We all know it’s the most important meal of the day. Sometimes though I am guilty of having a cup of coffee and calling it “breakfast” even though I know better… I’m making an effort to ensure I eat a good breakfast as well as the kids.”

— Catherine, Squiggle Mum