How is Kellogg’s® Sultana Bran® made?

There are few things that make getting out of bed in the morning as exciting as the prospect of a bowl filled with the juicy sultanas and malty flakes that make up our famous Sultana Bran® cereal. So what ingredients enable this dynamic duo of deliciousness to come together in our kitchen?

We start with the flakes, popping wheat and bran in a large cooker with a little bit of sugar and salt. Once cooked, it’s time to dry off and take a trip through a big set of rolling pins which help give our flaky friends their signature look.

From there, our malty marvels are toasted to perfection.

We then simply combine these tasty flakes with delicious, juicy sultanas. The taste profile of these sultana and flake compadres balance out perfectly, making them the ultimate cereal power couple!

With this process complete, they’re ready to face the nation, either at the breakfast table with some refreshing milk, or in the form of a tasty treat like Sultana Bran Snack Bars and Smart Cookies.

Be sure to explore the full list of Sultana Bran recipes and remember that with every serving of Sultana Bran® cereal you get more fibre than two pieces of wholemeal toast - your gut will thank you , along with your taste buds too!

I. A 45 g serve of Sultana Bran Original contains at least 25% more fibre than the average fibre content of wholemeal bread available in major supermarkets per 2 slices (2016). Sultana Bran Original also contains at least 25% more fibre than wholemeal bread on a per 100g basis.

II. Fibre from grains promotes the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacillus, which supports a positive change in the intestinal microbiota